We are steadfast in our commitment to the holistic well-being of artists, nurturing their restoration, character development, success in their lives and families, and growth as skillful artisans.

CAE seeks to guide the next generation in discovering and developing their God-given talents by providing quality artists and teachers. We utilize mature artists as role models who exemplify excellence in their lives and work. 

Our Network

Xaris Dance Company, founded in 1996 as part of Creative Arts Europe, is a dynamic contemporary dance group based in Germany and Finland.

Xaris Dance Company

ARTS+ was started by leaders of Christian art initiatives who recognize the importance of being connected. It comprises a group of visionary arts advocates and leaders who collaborate in order to catalyze forward progress in the arts landscape across Europe and beyond.

Arts Plus

Ad Deum is a professional modern/contemporary dance company based in Houston, Texas, directed by its founder Randall Flinn, who established the company in January 2000. Dancers have come to Ad Deum from around the world seeking to be connected with a community of artists that share a common vision and desire. 

Ad DEum Dance Company
USA & Europe

At the Brussels-European Worship Institute (BEWI), our mission is to inspire, encourage, and equip worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, and technicians for impactful service in local churches. We achieve this through the organization of seminars, workshops, and conferences, fostering a vibrant network of passionate individuals dedicated to the art of worship.

European Worship Institute

Ars Vitalis Forum champions artistic disciplines for holistic development, emphasizing intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, and emotional enrichment. Guided by the timeless principle of "educating with delight," our commitment persists despite the potential pitfalls of art deviating into caricature or serving disparate agendas. 


Art throughout Austria aims to transcend human frontiers, foster connections between old and new friends, push artistic boundaries, broaden social horizons, and cross denominational lines—revealing that we have more in common than what sets us apart. Join us to explore your own limits, learn, and experience personal growth!

Art cross 

We foster cultural restoration and imagination recovery in the church. Our global initiative articulates a vision, clarifies biblical mandates, and affirms God's work through the arts. 

Stoneworks Global International

ÉTINCELLE sparks your unique talent. In a world hungry for new creativity, we believe everyone has something special to offer. Fear often hinders, but we provide a supportive environment to help you move forward confidently. Join us to share your new song, artwork, or play—the world awaits. ÉTINCELLE: Ignite Your Creativity.


Creative Arts Belgium exists to promote creativity and community in both a local and international context. David and Angie Ebensberger have been actively involved in the arts for over 40 years, with over 20 of those years in Nashville, TN (Music City USA). 

Creative Arts Belgium

Captivating paintings beckon viewers to immerse themselves in a symphony of colors, shapes, and movement. Within these canvases lie hidden images, emotions, and meanings waiting to be unveiled, inviting a journey of discovery and connection. Today Neil's practice as a painter is heavily intertwined, inspired, and influenced by his faith, his training in the arts, travels, dreams, and prayers. 

Neil Tye Gallery

As an organization, we consistently host the STÜCKWERK BRUNCH, a vibrant platform that affords artists the chance to showcase excerpts from their ongoing projects in a supportive environment. Here, we engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, delve into artistic processes, explore creative challenges, and revel in the shared enthusiasm for our craft.


Andrew and Lara serve as the project coordinators, leading the Creative Arts Europe LIFE Arts & Action Week in Finland—an event established by Creative Arts Europe two decades ago. With over a decade of active involvement, they have been involved in projects across Europe.

Andrew and Lara Pilcher
Finland & USA

The Theatre Box Academy emerged as a desire to use artistic gifts to reach out to children and adults in the community while believing that these are great tools to shape culture especially when God’s principles are seen in everything we do. The plan is to continue growing in number in the community and enrich the theatre stage life in Prishtina with new plays and new talents. 

Arijeta & Edena AJETI