Creative Arts Europe is a community of artists and art enthusiasts dedicated to enhancing society through the arts. Acknowledging the profound value of art in culture, we extend our care to artists and their well-being. At Creative Arts Europe, we believe in the transformative power of art to enrich societies. By fostering a community where artistic expression is valued, we not only care for the well-being of our artists but also actively invest in the next generation, guiding them to unlock their potential as influential creators shaping the narrative of tomorrow's history.

about Us

Jim and Anne Mills, co-founders and international directors of Creative Arts Europe, have made their home near Brussels, Belgium, where they oversee a network that spans multiple countries. Jim, a skilled guitarist and vocalist hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, brings the soulful rhythms of his hometown to both intimate settings and European concert halls. An ordained minister with a BBA from Memphis State University, Jim also holds a Master’s Degree from Covenant Theological Seminary-Florida and a Doctorate of Ministry from Highland Theological Seminary.

Anne, equally talented as a vocalist, photographer, and teacher, plays a pivotal role in shaping the creative vision that transforms their headquarters and residence into a warm and inviting space for international guests. The Mills family, which extends beyond the couple, includes their son, David, his wife Erin, and the lively presence of their five grandchildren.

Jim and Anne Mills

meet The Founders

In 1990, the inaugural 'Summer Arts Session,' in collaboration with Emmanuel Fellowship in Ravensburg, Germany, commenced, introducing workshops in dance, theatre, and music. Subsequently, the 'Next Generation Arts and Creativity' seminars in Germany extended the initiative, providing arts workshops and worldview teaching. According to Jim, "These workshops, led by seasoned artists, aim to present positive role models to the next generation. Our goal is to spark the creativity of talented young individuals, inspiring them with a vision that they can serve God's purposes through professional careers in the performing and fine arts.

Arts Camps

In 1985, Jim and Anne Mills along with American songwriters Kirk and Deby Dearman established 'Project Exalt!,' a performing arts company organizing events, seminars, and tours throughout Europe. After 12 years in Germany, the Mills and Dearmans relocated to Brussels, Belgium, in 1988, continuing their expansive initiative across Europe.

In 1995, the Mills and a team Europeans established Creative Arts Europe. 

Early Days

The CAE Story

CAE organizes arts events and training programs across Europe to inspire creativity, craftsmanship, character, and compassion, fostering art that promotes reconciliation, respect, truth, beauty, moral excellence, and compassionate civil responsibility in European culture.

Creative Arts Europe Today

Xaris Dance Company, founded in 1996 by Jim and Anne Mills, directors of Creative Arts Europe, is a professional contemporary dance company originally based near Brussels in Belgium. Led by artistic director Loreen Fajgel since 1997, the company is now situated in Kassel, Germany, and under the direction of Titta Tunkkari, it also operates in Finland. 

Xaris Dance Company

In 1995, the inaugural 'Arts House' emerged near Brussels, Belgium, with a vision to serve as a sanctuary where artists are inspired to pursue excellence in both their lives and art. This transformed farmhouse evolved into a communal space, hosting meetings for staff and international guests from across the globe.

The BruSsels Arts House 

Chapters In The CAE Story

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