We are steadfast in our commitment to the holistic well-being of artists, nurturing their restoration, character development, success in their lives and families, and growth as skillful artisans.

CAE seeks to guide the next generation in discovering and developing their God-given talents by providing quality artists and teachers. We utilize mature artists as role models who exemplify excellence in their lives and work.

Recognizing Europe's rich legacy of magnificent art, Creative Arts Europe aspires to infuse European culture with meaningful art that offers hope and life, contributing to the continued legacy of artistic excellence in the region.

Our Mission 

The Artist:

The Next Generation:


In pursuing innovation, we strive to engage in meaningful dialogue with our culture, fostering creative ingenuity that transcends boundaries.

Value one

Creative Ingenuity:

Our art reflects the entire spectrum of life, inspired by a biblical worldview, resonating with depth and purpose.

Value two


We actively promote integrity, moral excellence, and servanthood, cultivating a community where character is as valued as creativity.

Value three


Committed to addressing the current needs of European societies, we approach our work with a compassionate heart, aiming to positively impact the communities we serve.

Value Four


Excellence and integrity are at the core of our artistic endeavors. We are dedicated to producing work that reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Value Five


Intentionally aligning with like-minded strategic initiatives, we join forces for Creative Arts Europe projects and events, fostering collaboration for a more significant impact.

Value six